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April33, 33
I love the way that cold bricks feel against my naked skin.. I don't know why. It's a really weird fetish. I guess that if people get off to the way balloons or fur feel, then it makes sense. Anyway, I really want to have sex with someone against a brick wall. That means that […]
Penelope21, 21
Courtney34, 34
Gina34LuvsPain, 34
Don't be gentle with me. Make it hurt and I'll be yours forever.
Annika43, 43
Married woman for much more.
Tanya39, 39
Okay let's get this out of the way right now: I'm a married woman who's having an affair with her step son. I know that's going to be too much for some of you. It's too much for me. I just can't control myself when I'm around him. I'm desperately in need of younger man […]
lipsSharnie, 27
Turn this into a
Gina30, 30
Marion24, 24
I really like it when guys look at me on the street. I always imagine them getting boners in their pants LOL. I only hope that they're going home and giving them to their wives. If you need to get hard, let me help. You can come over and I'll get naked and let you […]
LanaNeedsToLearn, 19
I want to surprise my boyfriend with anal sex. I've never had it, though. I don't want to make him think he's hurting me. I'd really like to find a few guys who are willing to teach me how to do it. It would probably be better if you have a thick cock and can […]


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Tyrese, 26 years old
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Dorinth, 60 years old
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Darryl, 48 years old
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Miguel, 38 years old
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Rick, 28 years old
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Rachel, 41 years old
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Janette, 53 years old