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Yvette47, 47
Let me see your dick!
Lana20, 20
My stepdad used to let me jerk him off at night. He'd sneak into my room and just stand over me with is dick erect and in my face until I made him cum in my face. I just moved out on my own and I really miss the feeling of taking care of a […]
Tiffany25, 25
I love to have shower sex but I never get the chance to do it. I keep thinking about someone sneaking into my house while I'm in the bathroom. I don't know anything is happening until I feel a stranger's hands bend me over and his cock slides into my slippery and soaped up asshole.
Jackie33, 33
Most guys think I'm a lesbian because I watch tons of porn and I'm never afraid to be loud and obnoxious. I'm totally straight, though, and I need some cock in my life! I don't want to keep having to pay guys online to jerk off with me.
Penelope37, 37
I want to find a younger guy who's willing to let me sit on his face a lot. I like the way it makes me feel and I really cum hard when I do it. Just understand that It's about the dominance for me. I'll be smothering you and yelling at you to eat my […]
Bethany37, 37
This is a little stranger but I need a young man to put his cream in my coffee every morning LOL. I love the taste of cum and it makes me feel dirty to eat it first thing in the morning. I've tried just freezing it before but it's not the same thing. I need […]
Catherine24, 24
I have a fantasy that I want to play out. I want to fuck a guy and have him cum all over my tits. Then I want him to put a shirt on me without a bra so the cum gets soaked up and you can see my nipples through it. Then I want him […]
Vanessa19, 19
I've always believed that it's a woman's job to simply be a vessel for the men in her life. I've opened up my anus to both my stepfather and stepbrother, but never my vagina. I crave the sensation of having a man deep inside my birth canal, ready to fill me up with his beautiful […]
Cassidy26, 26
I'm a happy kind of girl and I'm looking for someone to have a good time with me. I know that can be difficult to come across. Not everyone just likes to cut loose like I do. I want to have fun and I want to smile and laugh until it hurts. Then I want […]
Candice45, 45
I'm a married woman and my husband wants to loan me out to different men. His idea is to put me up in a hotel room and let as many young men as he can find visit me one at a time. He wants them to be 18-20 and single. If you're young and desperate […]


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Miguel, 38 years old
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Rick, 28 years old
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Rachel, 41 years old
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Janette, 53 years old