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Lenora47, 47
I “accidentally” sent my profile pic to my stepson a few minutes ago and now I'm listening to him loudly jerk off to it in the bedroom next to me. I'm wet and I don't know how long I can go without walking in there to see it. Are there any guys who are willing […]
Stephanie44, 43
Come over and let mommy take care of you. I know life is hard, baby. let mommy cook for you while you enjoy her naked body with your eyes. Then she'll get on her knees while you eat and take your poor, throbbing cock into her mouth and let you release all of that pent […]
JenJen45, 45
I'm an Asian woman, so pleasing men is in my nature. I want to set up a day where I can feel like I'm fulfilling my life's purpose. I want to be alone on my knees for the entire day. I'll let you all know where I live and when to come. You can come […]
Olivia21, 21
My stepbrother is a little older than me and has an apartment. He promised me that I could move in with him as long as I give him regular blowjobs until he gets a girlfriend. I've never given one, though. If I'm not good at it, he won't let me stay. Can anyone teach me […]
PhyllisLoveIt, 52
I love sucking dick. I really do. Come over for a blowjob whenever you want. NSA.
Arianna35, 35
I keep myself clean and fit. You should, too. I crave something that my husband can't give me. He knows this and he's okay with me seeking you out. You HAVE to be willing to have anal sex and you HAVE to be willing to tie me up…
Eda24, 24
Crazy girl for a crazy love 😛
Tabitha39, 39
Who wants to pretend to be my gynecologist?
Trudie26, 26
Hey there, horny boys! My boyfriend and I have never had sex. He doesn't enjoy it. What he likes is for me to watch him jerk off and tell him how to do it. I had never done that before, but now that I do it all the time, I really like it. I just […]
Celeste35, 35
I'm a fit and fun mom who's looking for someone who wants to a have a good time. I don't want you to treat me like your girlfriend. I already have a husband. I just want to have a friend who knows how to get a girl off.


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Dorinth, 60 years old
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Darryl, 48 years old
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Miguel, 38 years old
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Rick, 28 years old
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Rachel, 41 years old
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Janette, 53 years old