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About Tracey

Hi, I'm Tracey, a young, married and still very naughty girl.I'm home alone a lot, my husband is often traveling around the globe on business. I miss erotic contact very much and its come to a point that i cant deal with it anymore..So im looking for a liberal always horny man who wants to come over and entertain me these days?Respond quickly plz cause i don't feel like waiting any longer. My pussy is constantly wet and I'm obliged to do the job myself much more times than I want to. I need a cock!! XO

  • My Age is 30 Years Old
  • My Build is Busty
  • My Ethnicity is Caucasian
  • My Hair Color is Blonde
  • My Eye Color is
  • My Hobby is Sketching
  • My Occupation is Administration
  • My Relationship Status is Single
  • I Smoke When i am drunk
  • I Drink Once in a while
  • City: Ashburn
  • Country: United States