roblover is looking for a date

About roblover

In my life there is but room for 1 man ONLY!
And that man is Rob! Rob is the one and only LOVE OF MY LIFE!
But Robbie is also a dog 😀
So I am looking for another man in my life, this time a real man 😀
Most importantly I guess would be you not being allergic to dogs hihihih
Don't want to put all my personal info here because I don't know the site yet, don't know if I can trust this so if you wan't to know more about me than just send me a message!! I Always reply!!


  • My Age is 28 Years Old
  • My Build is Voluptuous
  • My Ethnicity is Caucasian
  • My Hair Color is Blonde
  • My Eye Color is
  • My Hobby is my dog
  • My Occupation is Nurse
  • My Relationship Status is Single
  • I Smoke Yeah
  • I Drink Yes
  • City: