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About NaughtyStepMom58

I'm your 58 year old step mother and I know what you do to me in your fantasies every night. I have to wash you underwear every day. I see the crusty cum dried all over them I also know you steal my dirty panties and keep them under your bed. I have a secret for you, too: I like it. Don't let your father know, though. I want you to sneak into our room after your father leaves for work and show me all of the things you fantasize about doing to me 🙂

  • My Age is 58 Years Old
  • My Build is Slim
  • My Ethnicity is Caucasian
  • My Hair Color is Brunette
  • My Eye Color is
  • My Hobby is Swimming
  • My Occupation is Food Service Manager
  • My Relationship Status is Single
  • I Smoke Yes
  • I Drink Yes
  • City: