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About Cindy4Large25

I'm looking for a much larger than average guy. I know most of you guys think you're huge, but you're not. I want the ones who can honestly tell me that they've made girls cry LOL. I like feeling stretched out and used like a fuck hole. It's very emotional for me. If you do it right, I'll end up crying in the tub as I drain your cum from my asshole. Don't worry though. I'll be back for more ;p

  • My Age is 25 Years Old
  • My Build is Slim
  • My Ethnicity is Caucasian
  • My Hair Color is Brunette
  • My Eye Color is
  • My Hobby is TV
  • My Occupation is Telemarketer
  • My Relationship Status is Single
  • I Smoke No
  • I Drink Yes
  • City: Ashburn
  • Country: United States